logo Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)



Md. Saiful Islam (in Charge)
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Mymensingh - 2202, Bangladesh
Phone: +880-91-66846
PABX: 2110
Email: registrar@bau.edu.bd        

At present, the Registrar Office has the following sub units, namely: 

  1.     Establishment Sction-1
  2.     Establishment Sction-2
  3.     Establishment Sction-3
  4.     Establishment Sction-4
  5.     Establishment Sction-5 (Pension)
  6.     Establishment Sction-5 (Welfare)
  7.     Establishment Sction-6
  8.     Establishment Sction-7
  9.     Information and Monitoring Cell